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Ethical code

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The introduction of an Ethical Code is a milestone in the process of rising awareness of the social role that our firm holds, and of trasparency towards stackholder, employees, costumers and stakeholders generally speaking.

The high and qualified experience on Design, Realization, Managing and Maintain of industrial electrical and electro-instrumental systems makes Impes Service a leader company on the market; however, today companies are called to undertake a wider responsibility, wich doesn't end with economical effects of the activity. To respect high quality levels, to safeguard the environment and the promotion of economical and social development on the territory in wich Impes Service operates are values constantly pursued, and all activities are planned and executed on this social responsibility awareness.

The observance of the Ethical Code contenents by all those operates for the Company is fundamental for the good operation, reliability and reputation of the Company itself, and indispensable factors for the success of the Company.

The invitation is therefore to comply with the arrangement provided, certain that this will not, in substance, deviate from the virtuous behaviors held up to date.

The President of Impes Service Spa

Francesco Somma


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