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Safety Award

Important recognition within the Canada LNG Project for our colleague Orazio Pizzolla, awarded for his leadership and commitment to promoting Health and Safety on the construction site.
Here are the beautiful words of our HSE Giuseppe Berloco (in photo with Orazio), who managed to best express our pride:

“[Orazio was awarded] for his exemplary and constant work in compliance with the high HSE standards that we are called to respect at this site. […] this award was recognized above all for the motivation and advices that the worker, as a supervisor, gives to all members of the team and beyond. In my opinion this is the way in which a worker expresses the TRUE CONNECTION AND SENSE OF BELONGING TO OUR COMPANY. I want to express my most sincere gratitude for the remarkable contribution that my colleague Orazio Pizzolla gives to the Site. I think it is important [to underline the] efforts that all workers make every day to carry out the activities in the best possible way”

Congratulations from all of us to Orazio Pizzolla, one of the longest-standing members of the Impes Service SpA Family!

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